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11 Min.

Busting four myths around leadership and performance management

Leadership is becoming increasingly complex and multifaceted and has been the subject of extensive study and discussion throughout history. As society evolves and organizations adapt to ever-changing dynamics, so too do the expectations and myths surrounding leadership performance. In the realm of leadership, myths often emerge, perpetuating misconceptions about what it takes to be an […]

17 Min.

Busting five myths about individual workplace performance

Many businesses are once again focusing narrowly on profit and efficiency. As we highlighted in our previous blog post, the increased focus on workplace wellbeing and care during the pandemic has been sadly short lived. Once again, we’re seeing a shift towards a performance culture, at the expense of care for employees, as bosses force their […]

19 Min.

Performance and Care: CAREFORMANCE

Can businesses focus on performance and care, for staff wellbeing, at the same time? The business world has become addicted to performance. Over the last 30 years, thought leaders, authors, researchers, and organisations have emphasized the role of a performance-oriented culture as a vital factor for business success. Leading management thinkers such as Peter Drucker, […]