Resilience Journey

Resilience Journey – Develop A Resilient Organisation Through Scalable And Effective Training

Resilience is fundamental in today’s uncertain world. It’s a crucial challenge for all people and parts of an organisation.

Awaris runs organisation-wide resilience training. We teach resilience concepts to hundreds of employees at a time. Our modular resilience training programme strengthens the resilience of employees. And in doing so, creates more sustainable and successful businesses.

“Cultivating WE-silience” is based on years of reflection and work in the field of resilience – both through our own analyses and close collaboration with individuals, teams and organizations. This combination of in-house research and individual studies enables us to offer you valuable insights. Get our free e-book now.

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The Goals Of The Resilience Journey:

The Resilience Journey is a resilience training programme for organisations. It includes three key aspects:

  • A pre-assessment of the resilience capacity of all staff in an organisation, as well as the wider business
  • A modular path of resilience training allows participants to choose the resilience areas most relevant to them. They strengthen these skills as individuals, as well as in learning groups.
  • At the end of the resilience training, the participants will come together to:
    • Share learning outcomes
    • Integrate resilience skills into workflows
    • Map long-term strategies to make resilience takeaways stick

The Structure Of The Resilience Journey:

The team or large group resilience training includes:

  • Programme of 4-6 modules
  • Blended resilience training methods. In the classroom, on the learning platform, and using live webinars with trainers
  • Self-directed digital learning
  • System experience exercises in the group
  • Cognitive input learning as well as cognitive experiential exercises
  • Extensive use of learning platform and team learning
  • Awaris app used to support personal and team practices

The Methods Of The Resilience Journey:

Our resilience training journey includes the following:

  • Pre-assessment – Initial pre-assessment of resilience at individual and group levels for all resilience training participants
  • Tailored pathway – Resilience training programme based on the results of the preliminary assessment
  • Modular structure focusing on specific aspects of resilience training with exercises, scientific findings, and discussions to anchor the learning
  • Latest findings from neuroscience, social science, and leadership methods, as well as mindfulness-based practices
  • Comprehensive micro-practices and learning outcomes provided by the Awaris app and learning platform
  • Learning groups for reflection and ongoing support
  • Support for self-directed learning through the Awaris app and an extensive online library. Self-study is an essential component used to help participants make the most of the resilience training.

The Results Of Resilence Training:

  • Shared organisation-wide awareness of resilience
  • Rise in individual and group resilience among key resilience benchmarks
  • Resilience becomes a common aspect of work culture and organisational resilience is strengthened

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Reduction in stress levels

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Increase in mental, psychological, and social well-being

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