From mindfulness training
to mindful living

The Awaris app enables blended learning

The Awaris app is an integral part of your learning journey. It supports, deepens, and anchors everything you and your teams work on with us in your programs. The app rounds out the mix of classical and virtual learning elements to support blended learning. Advantages include:

  • All documents are in one place – no sending of mails with attachments, no filing problems, no searching.
  • All participants can track their individual learning progress.

The app is suitable both for joint learning units and for individual practice of the microlessons.

The use of the app is voluntary, private
and GDPR compliant

The Awaris app meets all privacy and data security requirements. It never collects e-mails or names. Participants remain completely anonymous. It has successfully passed the relevant approval processes of our client companies. Decision-makers should know:

  • App use is voluntary and anonymous in every respect. The app can be used as much or as little as you like making it risk-free.
  • This also applies if you use the app to conduct accompanying scientific research – this is also 100 percent anonymous and compliant with data protection regulations.
  • We accompany you during the approval process and during the implementation of the app.
  • Our team of specialists is available to you for customization and further development of the app – always in compliance with data protection regulations.

The Awaris app
is made to measure

We design the app for you in such a way that it fits your mindfulness program and your needs. It can even be customized to incorporate your corporate branding. It contains the features and content that match your learning journey. We continue to develop the app with you. This not only involves customized surveys that can be embedded in the app, but also additional functions that we develop with our client companies in a co-creation process.

The Awaris app: for teams and individuals

The Awaris app is available as a mobile and web application, with the same functionality.

It is offered in multiple languages, currently in English, German, and French. You can participate in Zoom webinars directly from the app – without registration.

If you want this option, participants can chat 1:1 with their trainer via the app. Need app support? Then use the built-in ticket system!

Supporting mindfulness and resilience in your working day

The Awaris mindfulness trainings provide insights and impulses, and start you on the learning journey. However, it takes continuous practice over a longer period of time before new habits and behaviors become routine. Our app accompanies you in this process.

The Awaris app and web application support participants in developing regular habits of mindfulness, or leadership practices. In this way, you can set the pace of learning yourself – and that makes it more sustainable. What’s more, experience shows that the vast majority of our participants use the app. This way, they have the same level of knowledge when it comes to mindfulness micropractices.

How to track your progress in mindfulness exercises

The app fits seamlessly into our courses and mirrors their structure. It is divided into chapters. In this way, participants can repeat specific learnings in a targeted manner. This is important, for example, for acutely stressful situations. In order to avoid getting trapped in a certain behaviour, you can learn and practice new behaviours with the app, and prepare yourself for particular situations. All our learnings and exercises are neuroscientifically based and verified.

Furthermore, the app learning content inspires and motivates. Micropractices and mindfulness exercises can be accessed and performed at any time. You can track your progress and have more fun implementing the mindfulness knowledge you learn.

The app is super useful for incorporating helpful routines into my daily life. It allows me to access exercises wherever I need them and keep track of my activities. I also really appreciate the reflection exercises – power food for the mind!

HR manager of a global pharmaceutical company

Meditation timer and more
These are the benefits of the Awaris app

Activating exercises

Regular practice is the key to changing habits long term. Activating methods such as a sophisticated meditation timer and a breathing guide help you to bring body and mind into harmony whenever and wherever you want.

Focus at work

The app contains situational content and micro-practices relevant to the work environment. In this way, you learn that you are not simply at the mercy of external stimuli, but can regain more control through self-regulation. This includes, for example, regaining focus or reducing tension before a meeting.

Mindfulness via App? Yes, please!

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