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Anchoring New Team Habits – With Our Scalable Team Development Programme

Team interventions can be time-consuming. But they are important to drive performance potential and team development. Awaris’s TeamMind-Labs programme helps build new team cultures in units, departments, or entire organisations. Its beauty is its scalability, particularly in the era of hybrid work.

A Structured Team Development Programme

At TeamMind Labs, groups of 10 to 20 teams go through a team development programme at the same time. Participants learn the basics of team science, while defining habits to anchor into their workflow. This intensive team training helps teams thrive in the hybrid work era. We anchor habits such as resilience, commitment, and learning into teams. We know that these skills are a crucial for well-functioning, agile hybrid work teams.

The Goal Of Teammind Labs:

TeamMind Labs is a large-scale team development programme. It helps large hybrid work teams significantly improve their performance and interaction habits.

Key Outcomes Of The Programme:

  • Teams should understand how to build the right performance and interaction habits in their work. The latest findings from neuroscience and hybrid work are used as a basis for these insights
  • Teams are supported in structured group processes. They’re asked to reflect on their habits, deciding on which to anchor in the culture of their team
  • Identify and share best team practices. The goal: to improve cross-functional cooperation in businesses

Teammind Labs Inlcudes:

  • Programme taught in 6 modules
  • Combination of guided webinars (live or virtual) and self-directed digital learning, perfect for hybrid work arrangements
  • Experience-oriented team exercises
  • Documentation and guidance of team habits
  • Large-scale breakout sessions and team exchanges
  • Extensive social learning platform to promote social learning
  • Use of the Awaris app to support personal and team practices

The Methods Of Teammind Labs:

  • Scalable virtual meetings of teams (up to 12 teams can participate at the same time). Perfect for hybrid work
  • Sharing neuroscientific insights, tools, and practices
  • Modular structure with key insights, exercises, and discussions to strengthen collaborative thinking in the team
  • Short mindfulness and awareness exercises to promote well-being and anchor team habits
  • Individual team scans to identify the status of performance and interaction habits
  • Shared Miro or Murals landscape, documenting team habits
  • Comprehensive micro-practices and learning outcomes delivered via Awaris app

0 %

of teams have introduced new habits in at least 5 out of 6 core habit areas

0 %

of team members felt more connected to their team

0 %

felt that the team had become more positive

0 %

felt more confident to express themselves in the team

*Based on 90 teams with 550 participants in 2022. All assessments are statistically significant, and used rigorous pre- and post-assessments at the individual level using validated measurement scales.

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Do you want to promote new ways of thinking and behaving for a human-centric sustainable transformation? To anchor both performance and care in your collaboration? Take advantage of our experience and knowledge.

We bring both a radical and caring approach to our engagement with your leaders and your teams.

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