For Successful Hybrid Team Development – Choose Awaris’s Teammind Programme

Most teams know what success look like. But achieving it isn’t so easy. Team development is hamstrung by sub-par commitment, employee well-being, psychological safety, and a limited ability to learn. And some of these challenges have only been exacerbated by the recent rise in remote working.

Awaris’s TeamMind programme can help. It offers team development and training for hybrid teams. It optimises their output and cohesion, by building a framework of new team habits and a sustainable working culture. Turning the challenges of hybrid working into opportunities. Allowing employees to thrive, and to make the most of the flexibility remote working affords them.

Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Hybrid Working

In hybrid working, many teams focus exclusively on their own workflow. In doing so, they miss out on the benefits of team interaction. Not only on team development, but on personal well-being too. We believe successful teams must combine both performance and team integration habits into their hybrid workflow. If done well, this creates a culture that combines performance and compassion. Our TeamMind programme sets the foundation for business success in the hybrid-working era.

The Art Of Team Development

Team development requires certain habits in order to be successful. Knowledge about the human psyche. The use of the latest neuroscientific research to help to identify the right framework for team flourishing. Putting employee well-being at centre stage. TeamMind does exactly this. Striking a balance between the performance of hybrid teams, as well as caring for the well-being of its members.

The Goals Of Team Development At Awaris:

The TeamMind programme helps teams develop the right performance and interaction habits. It focuses on three areas:

  • Develops a deep understanding of team habits, backed by neuroscience. Knowledge can drive team development and output in hybrid-working models
  • Builds the right team habits. So that there’s a long-term balance between team performance and well-being
  • Ensures that there’s a shared responsibility for the team culture, maintaining and optimising it over the long term

The Path Of TeamMind:

  • Programme taught in 6 modules
  • Combination of guided courses (live or virtual) and self-directed digital learning
  • Experiential team exercises
  • Documentation and guidance of team habits
  • Extensive use of learning platform and social learning
  • Awaris app used to support personal and team development

The Methods Of TeamMind

The team development training includes the following:

  • Modular structure with key insights, exercises, and discussions to strengthen collaborative thinking and team development
  • Informed by recent findings from neuroscience, social science, and team performance
  • Short mindfulness and awareness exercises to promote well-being and anchor team habits
  • Intensive teamwork, where team habits are defined and anchored step by step
  • Comprehensive micro-practices and learning outcomes delivered via an app. Individual pre- and post-assessments of team performance and the collective intelligence of the team

The Results Of Teammind*:

0 %

Improvement in measured team collective intelligence scores

0 %

Less stress

0 %

ise in the well-being of team members

*Based on a joint project with the Boston Consulting Group, covering 32 teams in Europe and Asia.

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