Mindfulness Retreats

Time Out For More Mindfulness And Resilience

Managers and employees need to recharge

Awaris mindfulness retreats are an opportunity to pause and reflect. To unplug from the at times chaotic, draining, and stressful working world. To regain strength and clarity. We offer mindfulness retreats for leaders, teams, and individuals. Giving them precious time to focus on their well-being.

If you’re looking to reflect, de-stress, and transform, it might be time for a mindfulness retreat!

A mindfulness retreat is a time for practice and contemplation. It’s a chance to get in touch with silence and experience a sense of depth. Retreat time is by its very nature a time of contrasts – it offers perspective on who we are and what we do.

Chris Tamdjidi, Co-Managing Director and Founder, Awaris

Lead from within – Exclusive Executive Retreat

Immersive transformation for leaders

Do you feel stuck as a leader, although you seem to have all the competency it takes for the top role? – Maybe it’s time to step back and to focus on your inner game. Time to reshape your inner ways of being, doing and acting. Time to embrace awareness, compassion and wisdom, as the three ingredients transcending a ‚LeadingMind‘.

Join this 3.5-day immersive retreat designed for senior-level executives and key decision-makers in significant corporations and social enterprises, fostering powerful connections with peers.

Gain deep insights from neuroscience into how your ‘LeadingMind’ operates powerfully in a fast-paced and complex world, leading to enlightening „aha“ moments that reshape your inner landscape towards clarity.

Emerge as the enlightened leader of your own mind, others and your organization from this Immersive.

Intensive Retreat

Mindfulness retreats as a source of strength

As the modern world becomes more complex and fast-paced, keeping our minds calm and focused has never been more important. Our well-being depends on it. In this intensive mindfulness retreat, attendees participate in meditation, talks, group discussions, light physical exercises, nature walks, and periods of silence. The 5-day retreat is also an opportunity to connect with others. Giving them the inner wisdom to reach their potential in the “new normal” of modern life.

We look forward to welcoming you to our intensive retreats again next year!

Sunlight shines through branches

To the mind that is calm, the whole universe surrenders.

Lao Tzu, Chinese philosopher, 6th century BC.

Vom Achtsamkeitstraining zur gelebten Praxis
mit der awaris-App

Die awaris-App perfektioniert das Blended Learning und unterstützt die awaris-Achtsamkeitstraings – für Ihre tägliche kleine Auszeit und nachhaltige Erfolge im Alltag.

awaris app


Do you want to promote new ways of thinking and behaving for a human-centric sustainable transformation? To anchor both performance and care in your collaboration? Take advantage of our experience and knowledge.

We bring both a radical and caring approach to our engagement with your leaders and your teams.

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