Sustainable Performance for Leaders

The cultivation of CAREFORMANCE

Many people think a performance culture leads to success. We think this is outdated. In our perspective, it is the integration of care and performance that makes a sustainable and people-centered performance culture possible.

Companies survive and succeed because they combine care and performance.  Sustainable performance depends on caring for oneself, employees, the environment, and other stakeholders.  Sustainable care for people and the environment depends on a company performing well.

We call this interdependence between performance and care CAREFORMANCE.

Performance & Care

A performance-driven culture is critical for companies in today’s competitive world.  At the same time, stress is increasing, employee engagement is decreasing, and there is a battle for talent.

It’s clear that you need to be attractive to and retain talent, and it’s clear that leaders and teams are most engaged when the meaningfulness of their work and caring are matched by a passion for performance.

For many organizations, however, this seems to be a dilemma: integrating performance and care at the same time. (…)


…is the ability to understand and anchor care and performance in a culture.  These have to be integrated for a company to succeed and thrive.

The “performance belief” that high pressure leads to strong performance is deeply embedded in the DNA of many corporate cultures and in the minds of many leaders. As a result, care is often put aside and many performance efforts don’t work. However, the reality is that high stress leads to a significant decline in performance. 

There are many other such outdated myths in working life. Is it really true that we only perform well if we do many things at once as quickly as possible and increase our stress? Or if we look for solutions on our own instead of using collective intelligence? Or do we really need to leave our emotions at the door

Or is it a myth that we only develop ourselves and as an organization, if we focus on our problems rather than what we are already succeeding at and are proud of? In which state are we more likely to be creative and innovative?

It seems that there is a collective belief in such cultural myths that are not questioned because they are repeated over and over again and seem to be deeply rooted in many organizational cultures.

Thus the integration of care and performance is not the lived reality of work.

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Building a culture of CAREFORMANCE for sustainable performance

The conclusion is: In our modern, complex, interconnected world, performance is inextricably linked to caring.  For example

  • Good performance lifts people’s spirits and helps them be positive.
  • A positive attitude is an excellent predictor of good individual and team performance.

The point is that these two factors are inseparable. To build a culture of CAREFORMANCE, people in organizations need to change their mindsets and habits, their view of the world, their behaviors, and their interactions, in ways that reinforce performance happiness, sustainability, collaboration, and psychological safety. Then a new culture of CAREFORMANCE can emerge, a sustainable culture where people thrive, flourish and succeed.

Awaris has developed the Performance & Care program for leaders. Leaders learn how to align the two components, demystify the existing myths and get closer to the reality of how both people and the organization can function well and successfully. They learn appropriate skills and leadership qualities that enable them to do this.

Do you have any questions about CAREFORMANCE or would you like to arrange a personal consultation? Please contact us!